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IPS in cooperation with Leysin American School organised a successful conference on 2nd December 2002: AD/HD - An Essential Update on Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder. Speakers: Dr Andy Price (Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist) and Jenny Lyon (Chartered Educational Psychologist) who have established an innovative multi-agency clinic for children with AD/HD in England. Full report to follow.

Prof. Tom Brown, Yale University, will be talking with Jenny Lyon for IPS: 'AD/HD: An Advanced Workshop - Evidence Based Practice' - 29 June (London) and 30 June (UCD, Dublin), 2001.

Cognitive Strategies for Overcoming Dyslexia: London - 9 July, 2001.

No Blame Approach to Bullying
: London - 9 July, 2001.

'How to Help Dyslexic Students with Numeracy and Mathematics - An Advanced Day for SENCOs and Classroom Teachers' - London, 10 July, 2001.

Speakers from our previous programme are available for individual engagements - please e-mail us with any requests.

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