Papers and Materials from AD/HD'98

The 2nd European Conference for Health and Education Professionals on Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder

(University of Cambridge, 6th - 9th April, 1998)

Over 450 international participants, including 50 speakers from the health and education professions, contributed to the success of AD/HD'98, resulting in this unique collection of abstracts, articles, handouts and papers, collated in one bound volume. Contributors include:

Dr Veira Bailey - A District Service for Children with AD/HD: A Pragmatic Approach

Professor Russell Barkley - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Dr Marquita Bedway and Dr Angela Tzelepis - Personality Patterns in Adults with AD/HD

Professor Tom Brown - AD/HD in Persons with Superior IQ: Unique Risks; AD/HD and Social Impairment; The Brown Attention Deficit Disorder Scales™; An Introduction to Understanding the Neurobiology of AD/HD; Pragmatics of Medical Management in AD/HD and Comorbidities; Working Memory Impairments in AD/HD and Dyslexia

Christine Carter - A Practical Approach to Dietary Management

Dr Catherine Caulfield et al - Group Work for Children with AD/HD and Their Parents

Dr Deborah Christie - Paying Attention to Tourette's Syndrome

Professor Keith Conners - A True Continuous Performance Test: Use in Diagnosis and Drug Treatment with AD/HD

Alison Dempsey - East Sussex Education Authority Guidelines for Good Practice on AD/HD

Carla Epting - UK Initiatives in Multi-Professional Practice

Dr Michael Goldstein - Medical Assessment: What Helps and What Doesn't?; Medication and Comorbidity; Research Affecting Medical Practice with AD/HD Children and Adults

Dr Sam Goldstein - Educating Children with AD/HD; The Facts about AD/HD; What I've Learned from 25 Years in the Field of Hyperactivity / AD/HD

Dr Michael Gordon - Clinical Management of AD/HD Pre-schoolers; The Gordon Diagnostic System - A Workshop and Symposium

Professor Philip Graham - The Diet and Hyperactivity Story: Has it Helped Children?

Professor Peter Hill - Diagnostic Issues in AD/HD; Teenagers and Young Adults with AD/HD

Dr Henrikje Klasen - Why are Services Failing Hyperactive Schoolchildren?

Dr Robert Leark - Test of Variables of Attention (TOVA)

Jenny Lyon - Classroom Assessment of AD/HD; An Introduction to Childhood AD/HD; Tools for Psychological Assessment

Elizabeth Richards - Attention Training for Hyperkinetic Children

Professor Joseph Sergeant - A Critical Analysis of the Inhibition Hypothesis of AD/HD

Dr Timothy Wilens - Pharmacotherapy (Stimulant and Non-stimulant) in Juvenile AD/HD; Medication Treatment for Adults with AD/HD; AD/HD and the Substance Use Disorders

Susan Young - AD/HD in Adults: A Report from the First NHS Run Clinic in the UK

Dianne Zaccheo - Family Therapy with AD/HD Families

Extensive appendices include the full diagnostic criteria for AD/HD and related disorders from DSM-IV and ICD-10 (reprinted with permission of the American Psychiatric Association and the World Health Organisation). 300 x 210mm, 188 pages approx., figures, softbound

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