Papers and Materials Arising from AD/HD'97

The First European Conference for Health and Education Professionals on Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder

(University of Oxford, 7th - 9th April, 1997) 

30 speakers attended AD/HD'97, resulting in the publication of abstracts, articles, handouts and papers, collated in one softbound volume. Contributors include:

Dr Kenneth Aitken - Neuropsychological Perspectives on AD/HD

Dr Veira Bailey - Setting up a District Service for AD/HD Children: a Pragmatic Approach

Dr Thomas Brown - AD/HD and Comorbid Disorders; Nature and Identification of AD/HD:
An Introduction to a North American View; Using the Brown Attention-Deficit Disorder Scales™:
A Workshop Session

Dr Deborah Christie - AD/HD and Tourette Syndrome

Dr Randy Lee Comfort - Understanding the AD/HD Child at Home and at School

James Cornacchio - Transitioning to College: Challenges For The Student With Learning Disabilities and Their Parents

Dr Kim Cornish & Dr John Wilding - Fragile X, Attention Deficits and Behavioural Difficulties

Dr Michael Goldstein - An Advanced Talk on the Use of Medications for Symptoms of AD/HD;
A Reasoned and Reasonable Approach to Using Medication

Dr Sam Goldstein - AD/HD and Depression: Diagnosis and Treatment; AD/HD: Science, Non-Science

or Nonsense - Practical Information for Parents

Professor Philip Graham - The Diet and Hyperactivity Story: Has it Helped Children?

Professor Peter Hill - Clinical Problems of Overactivity and Attention: The Need for a Comprehensive Approach

Jenny Lyon - Classroom Assessment of AD/HD

Dr Fiona McNicholas & Dr Santosh - Development of the AD/HD Knowledge Based Questionnaire

Fintan O'Regan - Structure, Structure and More Structure

Elizabeth Richards - Attention Training for High Risk, Hyperkinetic, Pre-School Children

Dr Edmund Sonuga-Barke - AD/HD: Hyperactivity, Impulsivity and Cognition

Professor Eric Taylor - Hyperactivity and Risk

Dianne Zaccheo - AD/HD: The Role of Family Therapy

Appendices include the full criteria for DSM-IV and ICD-10, reprinted with permission of the American Psychiatric Association and the World Health Organisation, together with a complete list of delegates.

300 x 210mm, 112 pages, figures, paperback (ISBN 1 901906 00 0 )

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In addition to the above publication, a list of video recordings of many of the lectures presented at AD/HD'97 is now available from IPS on request.

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