IPS: Conners’ Continuous Performance Test 3.0


C. Keith Conners, Ph.D. and MHS Staff

The Conners’ Continuous Performance Test (CPT) Computer Programme is a cost-effective solution for the assessment of patients (6 years to adult) suspected of having “attention” problems. Since the CPT was first described in 1957, numerous studies have examined its ability to assist in clinical assessment. Dr Keith Conners began publishing his research findings with the CPT and attention deficit disorder patients in 1967.

The Conners’ CPT Computer Programme is now available as a clinical assessment device and research tool. This programme enables the professional to provide reliable and valid assessments, utilising a computer (MS DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95 or higher). Results can be accessed immediately after the Conners’ CPT administration and the findings can be used to assist diagnostic and treatment decisions.

The protocol of this test is administered directly to patients, using a computer screen, keyboard or mouse. The patient is instructed to press the spacebar (or mouse button) immediately following the presentation of specific letters on screen. A proprietary “standard” mode controls the number of trials, target letters presented, varied interstimulus intervals between letters, and additional categories. This paradigm is based on more than 20 years of research and experience using CPTs with attention deficit disorder youth. The test normally takes 14 minutes to administer.

The CPT User’s Manual presents data, using the “standard” mode, on more than 500 community-based norms and 670 clinical patients. The data is broken into groups by age and gender for comparison purposes. In addition, the CPT Manual documents the development, research and clinical use of the CPT. Also included with this Manual is a complete literature overview of the use of the CPT in clinical populations, a comprehensive annotated bibliography and case examples.

Results of the test are available immediately after administration. The patient’s data is automatically compared to the population norms and a reference group of diagnosed AD/HD patients. Graphs of mean reaction time, standard errors, a tabular report and detailed interpretative guidelines are included.

Reports can be viewed on screen, printed out or sent to an ASCII file for use in reports. In addition, files can be created for use in statistical and database programmes for research.

The results table includes:

Number & % of Target Hits Risk Taking (B)
Number and % of Omission Errors Sensitivity (d’)
Average Reaction Time for Hits Overall Average Reaction Time
Number and % of Commission Errors Standard Error of Reaction Time for Hits

In addition to these measures, an OVERALL INDEX of attention problems is now computed and incorporated into the report.

Another advantage of the Conners’ CPT Computer Programme is its configurability to other widely used paradigms and the ability to customise one’s own paradigms for research purposes. The programme contains the widely used A X paradigm and allows for many variations.

For example, one can set:

Number of blocks Number of trials per block
Number of targets per block Stimulus presentation time
Inter-stimulus intervals etc.

Hardware Requirements

The Conners’ CPT Computer Programme functions on any IBM PC, PS/1, PS/2, XT, 286, 386, 486, Pentium (or 100% compatible), with 512K of available RAM, 360K or higher disk drive. The monitor can be EGA, VGA (or higher), or with Hercules video adapter, attached to a colour or monochrome monitor.

November 2000 update: Conners’ CPT II for Windows is now available, on CD-ROM or disk (please indicate your choice). The Windows version requires 120MB hard drive space, a Pentium computer with 32MB RAM, Windows 95 or higher.

“The Conners’ CPT is quite easy to operate. Also the capacity for modification of the parameters of the test and availability of a relatively large comparative database, make it an instrument that can be utilised with a variety of clinical and research populations”

– Robert Krikorian, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, University of Cincinnati Medical Center

“After being somewhat cynical and hesitant regarding the use of a CPT in my practice, for a number of years, I finally agreed to seriously evaluate the CPT products on the market. The Conners’ CPT appears to offer some real advantages as an assessment tool for elements of inattention and impulsivity. Administration is convenient and the computer generated summary report is quite helpful in interpretation. I find it to be a valuable addition to a diagnostic test battery in many instances, and I use it often”

– Harvey A. Klein, Ph.D., APPB, Wellington, Florida

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