Asperger Syndrome – A Practical Guide for Teachers

(Reference #S/ASP1FU)
Authors: Val Cumine, Julia Leach and Gill Stevenson

A guide to effective classroom practice for teachers and support assistants working with children with Asperger Syndrome in mainstream schools and other non-specialist settings. This book outlines the underlying impairments and their educational implications; considers the issues of assessment and diagnosis; offers practical strategies for effective and realistic classroom intervention, including access to the National Curriculum; and considers the behavioural challenges the child with Asperger Syndrome may pose.

This work seeks to inform professionals meeting a child with Asperger Syndrome for the first time and to equip them with effective educational and behavioural intervention strategies. Professionals in special schools, INSET providers, educational psychologists, parents and carers should find this book of interest.


Asperger syndrome – an introduction; issues of assessment and diagnosis; educational implications of Asperger syndrome; intervention; behaviour; towards precision in assessment and teaching.

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Autism and Learning

(Reference #S/AUT1FU)
Authors: Stuart Powell and Rita Jordan

Demonstrates how a cognitive perspective on the way in which individuals with autism think and learn may be applied to particular curriculum areas. The text sets out principles of pedagogy and illustrates their application.


Rationale for the approach; translating the rationale into practice; communication; information technology; play; outdoor education; assessment; science; drama and movement; groupwork.

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Autism – 2nd Edition

(Reference #S/AUT4WH)
Authors: Theo Peeters & Chris Gillberg

This important book addresses the diagnosis, treatment and problems faced by those with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Part 1 Understanding ADHD described not only the conventional medical approach to the disorder and some of the related current scientific research but also includes personal accounts from people with ADHD and of their families, clearly showing the impact the disorder has on the lives of all concerned.

Part 2 Supporting People with ADHD covers a multi-modal approach to the assessment and management of ADHD. It looks at the different treatments available and the role of medication, dietary factors and holistic treatments. It then discusses the necessity for appropriate teaching and learning frameworks for children with ADHD.

Part 3 ADHD in Practice looks at how ADHD is viewed by the professions involved, discusses strategies used by teachers and concludes with a study of the perceptions and the attitudes of children with ADHD to their condition, its effects and treatment

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Autism – From Theoretical Understanding to Educational Intervention

(Reference #S/AUT2WH)
Author: Theo Peeters

Autism is a condition which renders the sufferer incapable of understanding meaning ‘beyond the information given’. The autistic person has a purely literal relationship with reality and has difficulty in developing imagination: “He panicked when he heard his mother say she wanted to cry her eyes out. If you kiss him and you ask him how it feels he may answer ‘Wet'”. Theo Peeters regards autistic people as ‘hyperrealist’ in a world of ‘surrealism’ that we call ‘normal’. Paradoxically, it is lack of imagination that makes dealing with an absence of imagination so difficult. This book not only provides a theoretical understanding of the condition to help carers to adapt to the autistic person’s way of thinking but also offers practical intervention strategies for education and treatment. The numerous quotes from parents and autistic people throughout the book provide particularly valuable insights.

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Autistic Spectrum Disorders – An Introductory Handbook for Practitioners

(Reference #S/AUT3FU)
Author: Rita Jordan

Written for practitioners working in the field of autism and related disorders (including Asperger’s syndrome), this handbook offers an overview of understandings of these disorders from a behavioural, biological and psychological perspective. A coherent analysis of the different theoretical viewpoints is provided, especially at the psychological level which has the greatest bearing on practice.

Effective practice depends on understanding the condition. This handbook aims to encourage practitioners to reflect on thinking in the light of their own experience and contribute towards future research and the making and testing of theories.


The nature and definition of autism; the importance of diagnosis in education and care; autism and behaviour; the biological bases of autism; theories on the nature of autism; the individual with an autistic spectrum disorder.

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Children with Autism and Aspergers Syndrome, A Guide for Practitioners & Carers

(Reference #S/CHI4WI)
Author: Howlin

The Spectrum of Disorders in Autism. Recent Advances in Understanding the Causes of Autism. Approaches to Treatment for Children with Autism. Developing Communications Skills. Social and Play Skills. Obsessional and Ritualistic Disorders. Education Provision for Children with Autism. Medical Intervention. Issues for Families.

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Meeting the Needs of Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders

(Reference #S/MEE3FU)
Authors: Rita Jordan and Glenys Jones

This text is meant as a companion for students in teacher-training, newly-qualified teachers, or for anyone teaching children with autistic spectrum disorders for the first time in a mainstream setting. Using a case-study approach, the authors: help the teacher to identify the meaning behind pupils’ actions and reactions; provide suggested responses via practical exercises and curriculum ideas; and provide signposts to other useful literature and list services and organisations which can further help the pupil. No prior knowledge of autistic spectrum disorders is required.


Introduction to autistic spectrum disorders; language and communication – problems and strategies; developing social relationships; helping the pupil become more flexible; managing and preventing challenging behaviour; working with parents and carers; working collaboratively – whole-school ethos; management of teacher stress.

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Supporting the Families of Children with Autism

(Reference #S/SUP4WI)
Authors: Randall & Parker

‘Something is Wrong with Our Child’. Families’ Needs: Met and Unmet. Diagnosis and Autism. Diagnostic Confusions and Disorders Presenting Like Autism. The Effects of Autism on Parents: Part I. The Effects of Autism on Parents: Part II. Families and Challenging Behaviour. Educational and Other Strategies. Autism and Growing Up. References. Index.

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Teaching Children with Autism to Mindread, A Practical Guide

(Reference #S/TEA1WI)
Authors: Baron-Cohen, Hadwin, Swettenham & Howlin

Theory of Mind in the ability to infer other people’s mental states and to use this information to interpret speech and predict action. This practical book applies these mind-reading principles to children with autism, focusing chiefly on treating their social and communicative abnormalties. Guiding readers through the underlying experimental and clinical principles of this experimental theory, the authors provide practitioners with an adaptable and unique program for tackling behavioral problems in autistic children.

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Treatment of Autistic Children (out of print)

(Reference #S/TRE2WI)
Authors: Howlin & Rutter

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Understanding & Teaching Children with Autism

(Reference #S/UND2WI)
Author: Jordan

Relates current research findings to the practical context of home and school. Contains useful guidelines based on the premise that effective teaching must be rooted in understanding. Deals with the fundamental triad of impairments in autism-social development, language and communication, thought and behaviour. Analyzes the manner in which these difficulties manifest themselves in the development of the child. Emphasizes the roles played by emotion and cognition in autism and the ways they affect teaching and learning.

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