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Magic Circles – Building Self Esteem Through Circle Time  (Reference #P/MAG1LD)

Author: White

Murray is one of the most eminent writers on Self Esteem and Circle Time and this resource carries the ring of truth, inspiring the reader with a host of delightful activities which will encourage effective learning and positive relationships. The pack establishes the basics of good Circle Time practice and goes on to extend the activities. Areas covered include:

* Motivation

* Resisting peer pressure

* Coping with change + difficulty

* Prejudice + bullying

Both new and experienced Circle Time users will find this an indispensable handbook.

Price: £18.00

Managing Children…Managing Themselves  (Reference #P/MAN1LD)

Author: Bliss

Teresa introduced us to Circle Time and in this book she writes about her experience in working alongside classroom teachers in an advisory capacity. The teaching of responsibility, self-reliance and concern for others is translated into practical activities. Ways to achieve good listening, facilitate relationships and negotiate conflicts are explained in the text and developed with activities.

The book ends with a model document, the “Bliss House School Policy on Discipline.”

Price: £9.00

Mark and Mum  (Reference #P/MAR1LD)

Author: Maines

A story about a boy called Mark and his Mum told from two points of view. Mark has behavioural difficulties and he has to go away to a special residential school. He blames himself because his Dad left them. Mum loves him so much. She is lonely and she blames herself for sending him away.

Teachers know that children can easily be encouraged to understand the feelings of those whose special needs are manifested in learning, physical or sensory disability. When the difficulty is emotional and behavioural it is harder to teach empathy and understanding.

This book promotes the positive images of Mark and his Mum.

Price: £7.00

Names Will Never Hurt Me  (Reference #P/NAM1LDBV)

Author: Brown

This new video has been written and filmed by Tom Brown who produced Broken Toy for older children. Suitable for age range 5 – 9, it tells the moving story of a girl called Teresa who is teased because she is fat. One of her classmates risks her own popularity in order to stick up for Teresa.

A crisis provokes Teresa to run away and this shocks the whole group into realising how much distress the teasing has caused.

Price: £35.00

No Bullying starts today  (Reference #P/NOB1LD)

Authors: Robinson, Sleigh & Maines

Since we ran the first “Stamp Out Bullying” day in 1990 we have joined many schools to help them organise anti-bullying days for pupils. This publication is a collection of activities, processes and programmes have been put together to help schools organise either a single awareness day or a series of shorter workshop sessions for pupils.

* Practical aspects of antibullying work

* Suggested timetables

* Ideas for whole school “keynote” sessions

* Facilitators’ instructions for group activities

* Copiable worksheets and overhead foils

The programmes are suitable for secondary and upper primary use.

Price: £15.00

Not You Again…helping children improve playtime behaviour  (Reference #P/NOT1LD)

Authors: Wallace & Caesar
Price: £18.00

Playtimes & Playgrounds  (Reference #P/PLA1LD)

Authors: White & Wilkinson

This beautifully illustrated book asks all the difficult questions about playtime:

* What is the purpose of playtime?

* How are the adults prepared and supported for their task?

* What are the special considerations for wet playtime?

* How can the outside environment be improved?

The discussions, references to research and the personal experience of the authors will support a school staff in their own developmental work. Included in the book are sample questionnaires to use when consulting with pupils, action and maintenance plans and an extensive list of resources.

Price: £18.00

Positive People – A Self Esteem Building Course for Young Children  (Reference #P/POS1LD)

Author: Moore and Rae
Price: £24.00

Six Years of Circle Time – A Primary Curriculum  (Reference #P/SIX1LD)

Authors: Sian Burt, Graham Davies, Jane Lister, Rhian Morgan and Susan O’Shea

A ring file of activities in

four sections:

* Self Esteem

* Communication

* Relationships

* Spiritual and Moral Development

covering 15 different topics differentiated developmentally from year 1 to year 6.(age 6 – 11)

Price: £18.00

Talking is for Kids – Keystage 1  (Reference #P/TAL1LD)

Author: Rudd

Betty has drawn on her experience as a counselling psychologist to produce a book of worksheets and colouring-in drawings which gently address issues concerned with feelings, safety and well being. These can be used as ‘door openers’ by adults working with young children to facilitate discussion about emotional development. They are suitable for individual, small group and whole class work. A series of short stories complement the activities and encourage conversation and problem solving.

The introductory pages give a clear explanation of how and why to use the materials. The resource is wire bound and easily copiable.

Price: £12.00

Teaching Self Control in the Primary Classroom  (Reference #P/COG1LD)

Author: Gourley

Price: £22.00

The Write Way  (Reference #P/THE1LD)

Author: Carradice

Phil has used his talent as a storyteller to interest, and even inspire reluctant writers. In this book he offers teachers a repertoire of ideas and activities to use with young people in junior and secondary schools, mainstream and special provision.


* New research validates

“No Blame” Approach

* UNESCO supports new Children’s Rights Teachers’ Pack


Phil argues that in any creative writing event there are four stages to work through:

1. Stimulation

2. Warm up

3. Working together

4. Working alone

By using the thirty exercises in the book teachers can:

* Improve group atmosphere

* Offer opportunities for personal work

* Empower young people to express themselves

* Achieve academic success above expectations.

Price: £8.00

United Nations Children’s Rights  (Reference #P/UNI1LD)

Author: King

This teachers’ pack is a comprehensive resource to help raise awareness of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. It provides activities, workshop details, discussion notes, games and lots of ideas to raise awareness of the UN Convention in general and of two key Articles in particular:

Article 12 – the right to express an opinion and to have that opinion taken into account in any matter or procedure affecting the child

Article 28 – the right to education on the basis of equality of opportunity.

The pack helps teachers to consider in detail the implications of these two articles – what they really mean in schools for children and young people. The pack also illustrates ways of incorporating the UN Convention into the National Curriculum, especially Drama, RE, English and History.

Alongside this emphasis on children’s rights, the pack focuses on how young people and children can take greater responsibility than they do at present, and be enabled to develop the skills required to achieve the aims of the Convention. The activities help children to explore key issues such as assertiveness, empathy, consideration and power. The pack can be used either for an intensive 3 day course, or for regular lessons in a personal and social education programme.

Price: £18.00

What Else Can I Do For You?  (Reference #P/WHA1LD)

Author: Wallace

Price: £18.00

Working with Challenging Behaviour INSET Pack for all Learning Difficulties Staff  (Reference #P/WOR1LD)

Authors: Bishton et al

This pack has been produced by a team of teachers and psychologists working in Leicestershire. It is intended for all staff working in settings where young people with special needs, [learning difficulties], present challenging and difficult to manage behaviours.

Each unit is published as a separate book with leader notes and key copies for overhead transparencies, handouts and activities. The programme can be delivered in 2 – 3 full day’s training or a series of shorter workshop sessions, either in-house or by an outside facilitator. Parts of the course can be selected as appropriate.

UNIT 1 – Staff reactions & attitudes: the school ethos

UNIT 2 – Understanding & assessing challenging behaviour

UNIT 3 – Prevention is better than cure

UNIT 4 – Responding to challenging behaviour

UNIT 5 – Crisis management

The training, suitable for teachers and non-teaching staff, provides a varied programme which:

* Facilitates awareness raising

* Encourages attitude change

* Provides information

* Teaches new skills

* Introduces “gentle teaching”.

Price: £28.00