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Child-Centered Family Therapy  (Reference #P/CHI2WIH)

Author: Andreozzi

A unique and extensively researched guide to the increasingly used child-centered model of family therapy. Beginning with a discussion of the relationship between parents and children within different family structures, the book goes on to examine the effect of typology, crisis, and change on critical family identity images and ways to smoothly integrate children and families into child-centered therapy. Discusses the importance of primary prevention and early intervention in child-centered therapy, and offers detailed descriptions of five child-centered family activities. Finally, the book shows practitioners how to chart critical identity images, growth, and change during the therapy process and offers a short-term treatment model which meets the needs of managed care.

Price: £50.00

Children with Autism and Aspergers Syndrome, A Guide for Practitioners & Carers  (Reference #P/CHI4WI)

Author: Howlin

The Spectrum of Disorders in Autism. Recent Advances in Understanding the Causes of Autism. Approaches to Treatment for Children with Autism. Developing Communications Skills. Social and Play Skills. Obsessional and Ritualistic Disorders. Education Provision for Children with Autism. Medical Intervention. Issues for Families.

Price: £17.00

Clinical Child Psychology, Social Learning, Development & Behaviour (2nd Edition)  (Reference #P/CLI1WI)

Author: Herbert

This book covers the practice of clinical child psychology – a discipline which has undergone radical changes during the last twenty years. The revised second edition includes new material on post-traumatic stress disorder in childhood, and a more detailed account of the difficulties associated with child training and routines.

Price: £25.00

Cognitive Developmental Therapy with Children  (Reference #P/COG2WI)

Author: Ronen

Price: £18.00

Conduct Disorder & Underachievement  (Reference #P/CON1WIH)

Author: Mandel

This outstanding work offers the latest information on the causes, assessment, treatment and prevention of disruptive behavioral problems in underachieving children and adolescents. It describes and evaluates the most frequently used treatment methods and leads readers through one type of effective treatment, detailing the stages, issues, pitfalls and predictable client/therapist reactions. Mandel summarizes numerous assessment tools that have been developed for underachievers and reviews the key components in successful prevention programs.

Price: £55.00

Controlling Your Class  (Reference #P/CON2WI)

Author: McPhillimy

Price: £17.00

Culture & the Development of Children’s Actions (2nd Edition)  (Reference #P/CUL1WIH)

Author: Valsiner

The second edition presents a new model of child development based on the interplay between culture and personal history. It describes child development as an interdependent process directed by the actions of the child and its social environment. The author sheds new insight into child development across cultural lines.

Price: £40.00

Culture and the Child, A Guide for Professionals in Child Care and Development  (Reference #P/CUL2WI)

Author: Keats

This book helps its readers to better understand the needs of children with differing cultural backgrounds and offers some effective ways of dealing with the varied reactions of children to situations caused by cultural differences. The author’s basic aim is to show how we can make use of cultural difference to enrich children’s lives rather than treating it as a problem. By helping them and the workers who care for them to understand other cultures better, we can help to reduce intolerance and counter persecution before it develops into adult behaviors.

Price: £19.00

Depressive Disorders in Childhood  (Reference #P/DEP2WI)

Author: Harrington

Price: £25.00

Diagnosis & Psychopharmacology of Childhood & Adolescent Disorders  (Reference #P/DIA1WI)

Author: Wiener

Thoroughly updated and revised to reflect recent advances in the field, this Edition provides the most up-to-date survey of current principles and practices in psychopharmacology of childhood and adolescent psychiatric disorders available today. Updated to correspond to DSM-IV diagnostic categories and assuming a cautious stance toward the use of medication with this population, the expanded edition explores clinical conditions that can be treated effectively by stimulants, antipsychotics, antidepressants and other medication. Also provides a thorough survey of the adverse effects of psychoactive drugs and a complete review of current field literature.

Price: £65.00

Dyslexia – A Practitioner’s Handbook  (Reference #P/DYS4WI)

Author: Reid

Issues and Considerations. The Acquisition of Literacy. Assessment Approaches. Assessment Process. Teaching Approaches. Curriculum Access. Dyslexia in Further and Higher Education. Review of Resources. References. Indexes.

Price: £16.00

Enhancing Parenting Skills, A Guide for Professionals Working with Children  (Reference #P/ENH1WI)

Author: Dwivedi

A comprehensive guide to the planning and organizing required for successful parent training.

Price: £17.00

Feeding Problems in Children  (Reference #P/FEE1WI)

Author: Harris

Price: £16.00

Handbook of Autism & Pervasive Developmental Disorders (2nd Edition)  (Reference #P/HAN4WIH)

Authors: Cohen & Volkmar

This updated edition presents a comprehensive survey regarding all available information about these disorders, drawing upon findings and clinical experience from a number of related disciplines. Discusses descriptive and diagnostic characteristics, biological contributions, intervention techniques, legal and social issues. This version includes the latest work on motor functioning, social cognition, brain imaging, emotional development, new genetic discoveries, novel approaches to educating and intervening with these types of cases.

Price: £100.00

Handbook of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (7 Vol Set, Hbk)  (Reference #P/HAN5WIH)

Author: Joseph D Noshpitz

Renowned authorities in their respective fields present the most up-to-date coverage of all that is known regarding child and adolescent psychiatry. Presented developmentally, prominent contributors have produced a body of knowledge that describes what children are, what they need, what hurts and helps them. Volume 1 deals with infants and preschoolers, Volume 2 with grade school children, Volume 3 deals with adolescence and Volume 4 with varieties of development. Volume 5 contains information on assessing, diagnosing and treatment planning for the range of psychiatric and psychologic problems children and adolescents may experience during their development. Volume 6 introduces the basic science of child and adolescent psychiatry and presents a myriad of treatment options available to psychiatrists. Volume 7 contains an overview of the history of the field of child psychiatry and examines contemporary issues facing child and adolescent psychiatists.

Price: £770.00

Handbook of Child Psychology, Fifth Edition (4 Vol set, Hbk)  (Reference #P/HAN6WIH)

Author: William Damon

This fifth edition of a multi-volume handbook spanning the entire field of child development has been completely revised and updated under a new team of editors. The first volume in the four volume set covers contemporary theoretical perspectives guiding research on child psychology. Volume 2 covers mechanisms of cognitive and perceptual development and language acquisition. Volume 3 deals with mechanisms of socialization and personality development, including parent/child and peer relationships, emotional development, gender role acquisition, preschool and anti-social development, motivation, achievement, social cognitive, and moral reasoning. Volume 4 addresses child psychology in practice, in clinical, educational and social settings.

Price: £675.00

Handbook of Parent Training, Parents as Co-Therapists for Children’s Behaviour Problems (2nd Edition)  (Reference #P/HAN7WIH)

Authors: Briesmeister & Schaefer

This completely revised handbook shows professionals who work with troubled children how to teach parents to become effective co-therapists. It presents various techniques and behavior modification skills that will help parents to better relate, communicate and respond to their child. Updates are provided on such problems as noncompliance, ADHD, and conduct disorder, and a new section on “special needs parents” which includes adolescent mothers, aggressive parents, substance-abusing parents and more has been added.

Price: £55.00

Handbook of Parenting & the Transmission of Values  (Reference #P/HAN8WIH)

Authors: Grusec & Kuczynski

Price: £75.00

Handbook of Prevention & Treatment with Children & Adolescents  (Reference #P/HAN9WIH)

Authors: Ammerman & Hersen

This book addresses the problems encountered while intervening with children, adolescents and their families who face poverty, child and substance abuse. It deals with the prevention and treatment of these problems, including individual, school and community-based programs that deal with specific issues and psychiatric disorders in these children and adolescents.

Price: £80.00

Helping Families with Troubled Children, A Preventive Approach  (Reference #P/HEL1WI)

Author: Sutton

This book provides a framework for the assessment of children’s behavior difficulties. The author considers a range of theories and demonstrates that after careful assessment to screen out other causes of disturbed behavior, much benefit can derive from the application of the principles of social learning theory. The innovative perspective provides practical suggestions for overcoming aggressiveness, disruptiveness, withdrawn behavior, and eating or sleeping difficulties.

Price: £20.00

Hyperactivity – Why Won’t my Child Pay Attention  (Reference #P/HYP1WI)

Author: Sam Goldstein

Deals with children who experience problems paying attention, controlling their emotions and physical actions and acting without forethought. Helps parents and professionals to accept the hyperactive child’s behavior and find ways to help the child succeed. Refutes, debunks and challenges myths about hyperactivity. Provides an accurate understanding of the current state of science concerning the cause, developmental course, evaluation and outcome of this problem. Includes a critical review of medical and non-medical treatments and offers sound guidelines.

Price: £14.00

Life-Span Developmental Psychology  (Reference #P/LIF1WI)

Author: Demetriou

This developmental psychology text covers all aspects of human development. After an introduction to the history and systems of developmental psychology, the book includes chapters on the biological bases of development, perceptual and motor development, cognitive development, communication and language development, social development, personality and emotional development, moral development and wisdom, motivation and developmental psychopathology.

Price: £19.00