IPS Speaker – Anne Henderson

Anne Henderson is an Educational Consultant affiliated to the Dyslexia Unit of the University of Wales, Bangor. In the early seventies she began teaching students with Specific Learning Difficulties in Literacy for the Dyslexia Unit at Bangor University where Professor T.R. Miles was Director. In 1981 she started to help dyslexic students of all ages who were struggling with mathematics, eventually working as a Special Needs Mathematics Co-ordinator with older students for fifteen years.

Anne has lectured on mathematics and dyslexia for Diploma, Certificate and CLANSA (Certificate for Literacy and Numeracy Support Assistants) courses for the Oxford, Cambridge and Royal Society of the Arts Examination Boards, as well as in-service for schools and colleges throughout the UK and Ireland. She has presented papers in most major universities in the UK as well as all the British Dyslexia International Conferences. In 1993 she presented a paper on ‘Maths and Dyslexia’ at the Orton Dyslexia Conference in New Orleans. In addition she has presented papers in Australia, Brazil, Chile, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, and the United States of America.

Anne has written four books on Mathematics and Dyslexia and the article on the same topic for the 2004 British Dyslexia Association Handbook.