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2 December 2002, Leysin American School, Switzerland (LAS website)

Accommodation Information (Issue 8 – 21nov02)

Hotel Accommodation

All reservations should be made direct to the individual establishments. Although e-mail addresses have been quoted we advise initial contact by phone or fax. Prices are in Swiss Francs. Full accommodation information is on the tourist office website at (but please check carefully for December opening).

Leysin’s 4* Hotel Classic is not planning to open until December 2nd (although if enough requests are received by IPS the owner could be persuaded to open a day early), and the 3* Leysin Parc Hotel is closed until December 20th. The following good-value hotels will be open and will welcome your reservations (if you enjoy mountain views may we suggest you request this when booking?):

Hotel Mont-Riant **
Tel. 41 (0) 24 494 2701 Fax 41 (0) 24 494 2704
Contact: Mrs Ryhen

Train station: Le Feydey (Mrs Ryhen can collect guests by car on request)

Prices: SFr 70 / person for a single room, SFr 110 / person for a double room
prices include breakfast and the ‘taxe de sejour’ (tourist card). Rooms are with shower, toilet, balcony, TV, south facing etc.

Hotel Les Orchidées
Tel. 41 (0) 24 494 14 21 Fax 41 (0) 24 494 1810 e-mail:
Contact: Mrs Brigitte Givel

Train station: Versmont, situated 30 m. from the hotel (i.e. no need for transport). The hotel is situated next to Leysin American School, 50 m above the Belmont building and 8 min away from the furthest building. The village centre is 300 m.

Prices: SFr 80 / person for a single room, SFr 65 / person for a double room. Prices include breakfast and ‘taxe de sejour’. Rooms are with shower or bath, toilet, balcony, TV etc. The sauna costs SFr10.

Hotel La Paix
Tel. 41 (0) 24 494 13 75 Fax 41 (0) 24 494 13 75 e-mail: (though delay can be expected)
Contact: Mr R. Rochat

Train station: Versmont which is situated 20 meters away from the hotel, near the School; 100 m from the ‘Beau Site’ building, and approx. 300m from other school buildings.

Although hotel is currently closed, it will open ‘when necessary’ i.e. end November-early December. Prices: SFr 50 / person for a room with 2 beds, SFr 60 / person for a double with 1 bed, either single or double. Prices include breakfast and ‘taxe de sejour’. Rooms are with shower and toilet.

Hotel La Primevère
Tel. 41 (0) 24 494 1146 Fax 41 (0) 24 494 3698 e-mail:
Contact: Mr Schai.

Train station: Versmont (situated between LAS and this hotel), and 10 mins from the school. No transport offered.

Prices: SFr50 / person without shower/toilet, SFr59 / person with shower/ toilet. Double or single rooms are the same price, and breakfast / taxe de sejour included.
Bed and Breakfast Accommodation

Les Airelles
Tel. 41 (0) 24 494 1508 Fax 41 (0) 24 494 1587 e-mail:
Contacts: Mr Michel De May or Mrs Helayne De May (both speak fluent English).

Train station: Le Feydey (50 m). The hotel is situated literally next to LAS. If needed, owners offers transport. The house has been described as being large, and built during the last century for a Russian princess. Most rooms are very big and some are small.

Prices: SFr 30 / person for a small room, SFr 40 / person for other rooms. Some are shared between 2 or more people. This is negotiable if number of guests exceeds 12. Prices include breakfast -served 0600 – 1200 and ‘taxe de sejour’. Free coffee and tea available 24hr. Also available in the house are: balconies, kitchen, play room, play station, TV, conservatory.

Chalet Ermina
Tel. 41 (0) 24 494 12 61 Fax 41 (0) 24 494 16 27 e-mail:
Contact: Mrs Ariane Giobellina

Is situated 2 minutes away from the train stations (Versmont or Village) and LAS – by car. The owner may offer transport from the station in their private car. Otherwise, taxis are the recommended means of transport.

Prices: between SFr 50 and 65 per person depending on the type of bedroom. Prices include breakfast and ‘taxe de sejour’. Rooms are with shower or bath, TV etc. and a lounge is available. The chalet is new.

Hiking Sheep Guest House
Tel. 41 (0) 24 494 35 35 Fax 41 (0) 24 494 35 36 (may be out of order) e-mail:
Contact: Mr Cretegny

Train station: This guest house is 200m from the last station on the line, called Grand Hotel, or Le Feydey which is 5 minutes walk. Owner offers free transport in his own car from the station. This B&B is situated 15 minutes walk from LAS. It is normally closed early December but owner negotiable.

Types of rooms: partly dormitories: 5 to 8 beds, SFr 27 / person, rooms: 2 to 3 beds : SFr 37
1 double room only: SFr32. Prices include the ‘taxe de sejour’ and linen but exclude breakfast: SFr 8. There is a kitchen available for guests to cook.


Leysin Tourist Office

Leysin Tourisme
Place Large
CH-1854 Leysin

Tel. 41 (0) 24 494 2244 Fax 41 (0) 24 494 1616 e-mail:

For directions to Leysin, travel information and course joining instructions click here

For course and booking admin. enquiries, until November 29 contact our office in Hurstpierpoint:

Linda Whelan
Course Co-ordinator

IPS (International Psychology Services)
17 High Street
West Sussex
England BN6 9TT

Tel. 01273 832181 Fax 01273 833250
(from overseas: tel. {44}-1273-832181 fax {44}-1273-833250

From November 30 we will be available in Leysin at tel. 41 (0) 24-494-2625 or via cellphone 44-7866-765056 (via UK). On December 1 and 2 we will also have a Swiss-based cell-phone: tel. 078-881-3325.

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